GeoBlue health plans come in handy while traveling abroad

Stay protected while overseas: Invest in International Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a fantastic idea, and not just for retired folks finally seeing the world! Global Solutions for employees Headed abroad for work? Your children are going overseas to study? Then international travel insurance is your new best friend. With coverage ranging from just single-trip coverage to extended coverage for those on longer journeys, there is certainly a plan to meet your needs.

Companies like GeoBlue provide excellent comprehensive travel insurance. As such, plans from GeoBlue provide fantastic services such as evacuation services. Say you are gravely injured while abroad, GeoBlue will coordinate with local services to return you to home for continued medical care. GeoBlue’s network includes top rated doctors in 180 countries.

Last summer my husband and I traveled to the England for our nieces wedding in Cambridge. The wedding was beautiful and ceremonies held at the colleges. We were able to travel through the country visiting friends and family with piece of mind as we were enrolled in a Geo Blue medical plan during our trip. It was comforting to know if needed I had access to find care and services at my fingertips.

I was able to download the app to my cell phone before leaving for the airport. It works with GeoBlue’s worldwide network of 140 professionals, strategically located as to serve a specific region. In addition, their website and smartphone application contains a profile on every country and how their medical services are, as well as the safety in the country. Despite the protection, we were thankful to not have a medical or prescription need during that trip. We were glad to have international travel insurance because you never know where and when these little accidents may occur!