We can assist you with Individual Health and Dental Plans in or out of Covered CA Exchange
We offer a no obligation review of your current health plans and your options in CA.
We can also assist Individuals in Direct with the carriers in Nevada.

What You Need To Know

Under the Affordable Care Act the health insurance industry has transitioned into a new health insurance system. Beginning in 2014 with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act An Annual “Open Enrollment Period” each year will occur when individuals can enroll or change their medical coverage. Deadlines now apply to new enroll in medical coverage On or Off the Covered CA Exchange and as well as plan changes with your current carrier each year. Exceptions to Enroll in Coverage or change your plan outside of the annual “Open Enrollment Period each year will be triggered by a specified “Life Qualifying Event” some examples such as:

  • Move out of state

  • Marriage

  • Birth or Adoption

  • Loss of employer coverage

It will be important to work with trained and experienced Agents and Brokers.
We are here to help you with your health insurance needs now and in the future.

Important Notes

  • Check to make sure your monthly premium payments have cleared your bank or credit card accounts each month!

  • Cancellation for non-payment will not be considered a qualifying event & you will have to wait for Open Enrollment next year to enroll!

  • Some Carriers will be sending notices regarding increasing costs for out of network providers.

  • Check your with your insurance plan provider directories and health care providers offices to be sure they are “CONTRACTED NETWORK PROVIDERS” with your plan. Out of networks provider costs can be higher.